Equipment for Aquarium

Confused by the wide variety of equipment for reef aquarium out there in the market? Unsure which equipment can provide an optimal match for your setup? Glaswerkz has the perfect solution for you!

LumenBright Metal Halide ReflectorThe health of corals in your reef aquarium is directly dependant on the correct lighting to use. LumenBright metal halide lightings have proven to be one of the best in the market today.
AquaBee PumpGerman-made Aquabee pumps offer high performance, low power consumption yet competitively priced. The wide range of flowrates Aquabee pumps offer allows us to select a suitable model to provide optimal flowrate for your reef setup.

Hydor Koralia Wavemaker Italian-made Hydor wavemakers are one of the most advanced wavemakers in the market today. Controllable Hydor wavemakers are extremely durable, and can create flow in your reef aquarium to mimic waves in the ocean.

Protein Skimmer
Skimz Protein SkimmerOne of the most important piece of equipment in a reef aquarium is the Protein Skimmer. A good protein skimmer will be able to effectively remove waste from the water column, thereby improving the water quality of your aquarium. SKIMZ protein skimmers are the most effective protein skimmers in the market today.

Phosphate Reactor
Skimz Phosphate ReactorPhosphate in an enclosed reef system is harmful to both corals and fishes. SKIMZ phosphate reactors are specially designed to effectively remove phosphate from your reef aquarium.

Calcium Reactor
Skimz Calcium ReactorCorals need calcium to build their skeleton and grow. SKIMZ Calcium Reactors, with their revolutionary Water Swirling Chamber (WSC) and Gas Channeling Chamber (GCC), are the most advanced reactors today. SKIMZ Calcium Reactors ensure the calcium requirement of your reef aquarium will be easily met.

Aquarium Computer
Aquatronica Aquarium ComputerAquatronica aquarium computer Is the most advanced controller to automate your aquarium systems. It has a proven 5-years record in providing reliable plug-and-play aquarium control. With Aquatronica, your entire reef system can now be automated effortlessly
BLUM Lift Systems
BlumThe Blum system works with two-part-front wall cabinets. Using just one finger, you can lift up an entire front, regardless of its weight. Incorporating with Blummotion, it gives you soft opening and closing.

Being the leader in reef aquarium setup, Glaswerkz will advise you on the suitable equipment to support your reef aquarium optimally. Here, we present the top quality, yet affordable reef equipment available in the market today. These brands had proven their effectiveness in all Glaswerkz reef aquarium setups.

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